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Going through a divorce can be stressful and emotionally draining. It often involves courtroom appearances and financial obligations. Your most intimate problems are aired in the courtroom which is open to complete strangers. If you and your spouse/ partner desire privacy and dignity in the negotiate of your divorce or modification proceedings, consider collaborative divorce.

The Law Office Of Jennifer A. Broussard practices collaborative divorce law to help you get through the process of divorce as painlessly as possible. Attorney Broussard will Attorney Broussard will help you negotiate your settlement and see that your agreement is properly memorialized and enforceable after you and your spouse have reached an agreement on the child custody, child support or property division matters .

Your family law issues can be settled out of court. Contact The Law Office Of Jennifer A. Broussard today to speak with an experienced collaborative divorce attorney in Houston, TX.

3 worthwhile reasons to choose a collaborative divorce

3 worthwhile reasons to choose a collaborative divorce

Not every relationship ends with arguments that someone “wins.” Here are some key benefits of the collaborative divorce process:

  1. Your entire case will be handled in the privacy of a lawyers conference room- total privacy and confidentialty
  2. Information is exchanged in an unthreathening matter
  3. There is a possibilty that parties may experience reduced costs through the collaborative divorce process

You and your partner can reach an agreement in the privacy of a conference room while addressing the interests of all involved parties, including children. Learn more about collaborative divorce law in Houston, Texas.