Additional Resources

The goal of this website has and always will be to educate potential clients and others seeking reliable, practical information about Family Law.  This page seeks to direct you to additional reliable, practical information prepared by lawyers and firms of impeccable reputation and demonstrated excellence.

Nevertheless, one disclaimer is necessary.  It is not my belief that any but a very tiny, select group of readers should ever think that by “reading up on the divorce process” on the internet (or in a law library) they can ever prepare themselves to try one’s own case.  “The lawyer who has himself as a client is a fool” is as true now as it ever has been.  Non-lawyers stepping into the shoes of a lawyer are doubly cursed.  Non-lawyers are held to the same standards as the person who has graduated from law school.  The court cannot serve as your advisor or teacher.  The one exception to my stated belief is the couple who own no real property, have no retirement plans or other community property, except personal stuff, and have no children and absolutely, categorically agree on everything being put into the final decree.  Even there, I recommend that the couple pay for a one-hour consultation with an attorney to review their paperwork before filing it with the court.

That caveat having been issued, I commend for your further edification the following resources:

Texas Family Code

The  Article Section of the Raggio & Raggio, PLLC, website.

The website of Richard Price, The Price Law Firm of Fort Worth, Texas.